June 28 Chaumpaigne


City of London Records, Pleas and Memoranda, A. 23, m. 5 b

Nouerint vniuersi me, Ceciliam Chaumpaigne, filiam quondam Willelmi Chaumpaigne et Agnetis vxoris eius, remisisse, relaxasse, et omnino pro me heredibus et executoribus meis imperpetuum, quietumclamasse Ricardo Goodchild, coteler, et Johanni Groue, armurer, ciuibus Londonie, omnimodas acciones, querelas, et demandas, tam reales quam personales, quas versus dictos Ricardum et Johannem vel eorum alterum vnquam habui, habeo, seu quouismodo infuturum habere potero, racione cuiuscumque cause a principio mundi vsque in diem confeccionis presencium. In cuius rei testimonium presentibus sigillum meum apposui. Datum Londonie, vicesimo octauo die Junij, anno regni Regis Ricardi secundi post conquestum quarto.

Let all know that I, Cecily Chaumpaigne, daughter of the late William Chaumpaigne and his wife Agnes, have remitted, released, and entirely quitclaimed for my heirs and my executors in perpetuity, Richard Goodchild, coteler, and John Grove, armorer, citizens of London, all manner of actions, complaints, and commitments, either real or personal, that I ever had, have, or in some way could have in the future against the said Richard and John or either of them, by reason of whatever cause, from the beginning of the world up to the day of making the present things. In testimony of which situation I have appended my seal to the present things. Given in London, on the twenty-eighth day of June, in the fourth year of the reign of King Richard II after the Conquest.

London Metropolitan Archives

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