May 7, 1380

King’s Bench 27/477 m. 58 d

Memorandum quod Cecilia Chaumpaigne filia quondam Willelmi Chaumpaigne et Agnetis uxoris

eius die lune proximo ante festum pentecostes isto eodem termino coram domino rege in

propria persona sua venit et profert hic in curia quoddam scriptum quod cognovit esse

factum suum et petivit illud irrotulari et irrotulatur in hec verba—Noverint universi per

presentes me Ceciliam Chaumpaigne filiam quondam Willelmi Chaumpaigne et Agnetis uxoris

eius remisisse relaxasse & omnino pro me et heredibus meis imperpetuum quietum clamasse Galfrido

Chaucer armigero, omnimodas acciones tam de feloniis transgressionibus compotis debitis quam aliis accionibus

quibuscumque, quas erga, dictum Galfridum unquam habui habeo seu quovismodo habere potero a principio

mundi usque, in diem confectionis presencium In cuius rei testimonium presentibus, sigillum meum apposui

hiis testibus, domino Willelmo de Beauchamp tunc camerario domini Regis domino Johanne Clanvowe

domino Willelmo de Nevylle militibus et aliis Datum Londonie primo die maii anno regni Regis

Ricardi secundi post conquestum tertio.

Let it be remembered that Cecilia Chaumpaigne, daughter of the late William Chaumpaigne and Agnes his wife,

on the Monday closest before the Feast of Pentecost in this same term came before the Lord King

in her own person and puts forward here in the court a certain document which she recognized as being

her own deed and she requested that it be enrolled and it is enrolled in these words—Let all know through these

things at hand that I, Cecily Chaumpaigne, daughter of the late William Chaumpaigne and his wife Agnes,

have remitted, released, and entirely quitclaimed on behalf of myself and my heirs in perpetuity Geoffrey

Chaucer, esq., all manner of actions related either to felonies, trespasses, accounts, debts, or to whatever other actions

that I ever had, have, or any I could have against said Geoffrey from the beginning of

the world up to the day of completing the present circumstances. In testimony of which situation I have appended my seal to these things at hand

with these men as witnesses: Sir William Beauchamp, then Chamberlain of the Lord King; Sir John Clanvowe,

Sir William Neville, knights; and others. Given in London on the first day of May in the third year of the reign of King

Richard the Second after the Conquest.

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