Alfi Syahrin Nelphyana aka Khezcute: Game Journey

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Meet Alfi Syahrin Nelphyana, aka Khezcute, who made a surprising move from Dota 2 to the competitive Mobile Legends (MLBB) scene, eventually joining Bigetron Alpha as a coach.

Alfi Syahrin Nelphyana aka Khezcute: Why Khezcute Switched from Dota 2 to Mobile Legends

In an exclusive interview at Bigetron Con 2024, Khezcute revealed the simple reason behind his switch from Dota 2 to Mobile Legends. He wanted to challenge himself and utilize his gaming skills once again.

“I left Dota 2 and came here (MLBB), quite a while ago. There was maybe a year or a year and a half gap. I got bored, wanted to use my brain in a game again. Then there was an offer from Pajajaran team, so I took that opportunity. Somehow, it continued till now,” he shared.

Alfi Syahrin Nelphyana aka Khezcute: Preferring to Dive into MLBB as a Coach Rather Than a Player

During the same conversation, Khezcute expressed his preference for being a coach over a player when entering the world of Mobile Legends. He admitted that he no longer wanted to be a player.

“Definitely, if it’s as a player, I don’t want to anymore. Considering my age, I think what’s most possible for me now is being a coach. As a player, I’ve experienced it for a long time, and I don’t know what else to achieve, so, no, I don’t want to,” he replied.

Khezcute Reveals Why He Accepted Bigetron Alpha’s Offer

Having previously coached the MLBB team of Pajajaran Esports, which won the National Esports League in December 2023, Khezcute attracted attention from various teams. Bigetron Alpha was one of them, and he explained why he accepted their offer.

“First, I asked about the roster. Fortunately, I compared it with other teams that contacted me. In my opinion, this roster (BTR Alpha) is more suitable for me, where I’m new here, and the players are a mix of experience and newcomers, fresh, never won before, so I can rebuild more easily,” he elaborated.

His Response to MPL Indonesia Season 13

Season 13 will mark his debut on the MPL Indonesia stage, taking on the role of Head Coach for a team in the league for the first time. Khezcute shared his excitement about the upcoming season.

“It’s exciting, I think. And why suddenly all teams are upgrading crazily, from the coach’s perspective, maybe facilities, from players, now many imports. It turns out, MSC is getting crazier now, and the motivation is getting even more intense. This season, I believe all players will give their best, like a do or die situation,” he said.

Khezcute Sets Realistic Goals for Bigetron Alpha

Despite being a newcomer to MPL Indonesia in the upcoming Season 13, the former Dota 2 player mentioned that his goal for Bigetron Alpha is not extravagant. He aims for a top 2 finish or at least securing a ticket to MSC 2024.

“The target is not extravagant, actually. The target is undoubtedly to be better than last season. In the last season, they (Bigetron Alpha) were unlucky in one game. Maybe there, I can fix the issue, share with them, after sharing, I know what they need. (Bigetron Alpha’s target) is top 2, I think it’s good enough (to secure a ticket to MSC),” he concluded.

Khezcute’s transition from a successful Dota 2 player to a coach in MLBB has piqued the interest of many fans. You excited to see Khezcute in action as Bigetron AGENGACOR Alpha’s coach in MPL Season 13?

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